The company CANDELA® designs, manufactures and sells products for road signage adaptable to different weather conditions according to the required specs.

Road marking is our main sphere of activity, in which development we bet heavily, with high quality elements which allow us to fulfil several requirements and frequent changes.

Our products are used to provide visual and sound warnings, prohibition, separation information and demarcation for drivers to improve road safety and transit traffic.

To assist in such role, we further provide products to be applied on the surface of road marks to improve performance features such as visibility and resistance to slippage in our road system.


CANDELA®’s mission consists in research and design, manufacture and selling for road signage products.


To be a leading company in the field of road signage, with quality our recognized both in the national and international markets, by assuming our commitment with our Customers, Suppliers and Employees.


Considering the high market demands and the legal requirements, CANDELA® designs and presents solutions for road signage adaptable to different weather conditions according to the required specs whenever such are requested.

We confirm our products’ high quality, staking on constant innovation and on the certification of such products, ensuring performances which meet our customers’ requirements.

To be based on an innovation-oriented management makes CANDELA® a genuine road safety professional, being innovation, guidance and protection its mottoes.

It is not possible for final products to present quality if they do not involve an effective participation from its suppliers, which is why CANDELA® selects and qualifies its suppliers by turning them into partners in quality production.

The company aims at its employees’ valorisation and accountability, through an ongoing training and raising their awareness for quality’s concept/goal.

CANDELA® believes that continuously implementing and improving its Quality Management System’s effectiveness is paramount to contribute to the company’s successful performance.